New members wanted – Could you spare a few hours..

We are looking for new members to assist with the running of the committee.
We meet once a half term, currently on a Wednesday evening for a couple of hours.
No experience is needed just an ability to get on with people and an ability to muck in and get on.

It is a great opportunity to use existing business, employment or management skills or to develop completely new skills for a future CV, plus you make an appreciable difference to a vibrant local provision. This is a volunteer role and is unpaid.

If you would like any information please take a look at our website, or would just like to talk to someone about the role, please contact Anne Fellows on 01142349970 or email at

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if you would like to be a part of the committee or would like more information please submit the form below.

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AGM 2017

AGM Statement- Stannington Village Pre-School
30th November 2017

Chair Persons Report –
Justine Martin
• I start as always by offering my thanks to the committee and staff for their time and efforts this year.

• The following staff changes have taken place : – Kerry Mosley was promoted to Deputy Manager in January 2017. Kerry has worked in Early Years for over 20 years and for SVPS in excess of 10 years. Hannah Quarmby joined us in May 2017 as a Child Supervisor and Alison Daughtry left us in July 2017.

• For the first time in 14 years we have not returned a significant profit, but a small loss of £365. Whilst costs have increased a little over the period the principle cause is a fall in income due to a fall in child numbers. We have been aware of an ongoing drop in children entering pre-school and research indicates that there is an ongoing drop in the local birth rate which has reached its lowest during this period – we will start to see a reversal in intake numbers over the next few years. In addition, parents delay taking places prior to receiving their free entitlement. It was deemed essential that we raise our profile – the first step has been to create a Facebook page. There are certain Early Years funding changes ahead in 2017 which will help to reverse this drop in occupancy; 30 hour funding and the introduction of Tax Free Childcare.

• We have also taken the decision to offer before and after school sessions for a trial period from September 2017 in the hope that this will make us attractive to more parents and in-turn increase overall child numbers.

• We have commissioned our website. This went live in July 2017 . We feel this will help to ensure parents/carers are aware of our existence and the full range of services we offer.

• The transition to school has been well planned and executed again and from our perspective went without a hitch this year. The relationship we have with Stannington Infant School remains strong and positive and we work collectively to support children with the move. School continue to provide feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of each cohort – which allows us to review teaching practice.

• We continue to benefit from a committed and professional staff who bring a wide range of skills and interests to the job. Staff continue to engage in CPD to gain new skills and to consolidate existing ones. Staff continue to demonstrate a high level of commitment without which our drive to continuously improve our provision would falter.

• We always welcome new parents/ carers to sit on the pre-school committee, if you are interested and feel you could spare a couple of hours for a meeting once each half term please talk to Anne or Kerry for details.

• We continue to benefit from the generosity of our parents and committee in terms of time and donations of equipment, we are most grateful. We have continued to provide opportunities for parents to be involved in pre-school with Learning Journey Books, Stay & Play sessions and regular questionnaires.

• Please remember that you can visit pre-school at any time, Anne & Kerry are always happy to answer any questions.


Administrators Report –
Anne Fellows
The fight against the fall in occupancy and income has been felt across the board. We have tried to contain costs whilst maintain staff so that we are well placed to return to full occupancy in 2017-18. We must ensure that we continue with our policy of careful management, controlled costs and strong team work if, we are to continue to operate at a sustainable level. We have reviewed our business model to ensure we are well placed going forward. We will be looking to expand the hours we operate over to widen our appeal to parents in 2017-18.

Toddler Group –
Sarah Lomas, Diane Shepherd
• Attendance has been steady with a continuous flow of new children, parents/ carers. Toddler group is invaluable as it allows us to introduce and recommend Pre-School to parents and their children, many of who move on to use our provision. Although this group is currently running at a loss the committee see this as a charitable group and understand the community/pre-school benefits.

• We gave parents a questionnaire mid-year to see what they liked about Toddler group and what they would change. Feedback was very positive, suggestions for further development included a healthier snack, more focus on craft, name labels for parents and security of the building. We have already introduced a craft activity and healthier snack options and we have moved the reception desk closer to the entrance for security. We hope to make further changes with time.

• We would like to say a big thank you to the parents/carers who continue to support the group and help to set up and tidy away; your help is invaluable and always appreciated. As always we welcome your comments and suggestions and we are always available to talk to during toddler sessions.

Stannington Village