Please be aware, We do not administer non-essential medicines. Please ask you GP to prescribed medicines that can be taken 3X a day so you can still attend pre-school. We administer essential long term medicines prescribed by a GP (Inhalers / Piriton etc.) It must be in its original named container/in date /with a spoon. We are required to obtain your signature prior to each and every time medicine is administered. Please remember – children are excluded for 48 hours from the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea to prevent the spread of infection.



• name your child’s lunch box and put a small freezer block /ice pack in with your child’s lunch.

• try not to include sweets/ chocolate – we are trying to mirror the healthy eating routine that Stannington Infant School has developed.

• bring a named water bottle – we will ensure that this is topped up as necessary through the day. Please do not sent cordial. 

Co-operative Local Community Fund


We have again been chosen as one of the Local Causes. We would like to provide the children with an all weather outdoor experience by removing the grass in part of our garden and replacing it with artificial grass or a similar all weather surface. This would be quite an expensive project and any help we receive will be much appreciated. We will keep you informed of the project progress.



As you will remember we were one of the Local Causes in 2017. We were awarded £1400 to spend on our outside provision.

We though long and hard on what to spend the money on. 

Finally we spent the money on a fantastic Community Playthings Water trough and a Play House for the garden. The hut means we can provide a wider range to experiences outside for the children and also cut down on time spent moving equipment indoors and out each day. 

The children already love the hut so thanks to everyone who supported us and a huge thank you to the Co-Operative community scheme. 

Late collection of children

It is important that you arrive on time to collect your child. We incur costs when children are collected late and we will charge £5 for every 15 minutes or part of thereof after the first 15 minutes for late collections as a contribution to the increase in staff costs. It is important that you phone as early as possible so that we can ensure suitable staffing arrangements are in place.

Sheffield City Council has a detailed policy on what we are expected to do when parents are late collecting their children and do not let us know. A copy can be found on the notice board – please familiarise yourself with the policy. Any questions please talk to Anne or Hannah.


If your child wears a nappy please ensure that it is clean and dry on arrival at Pre-school. This will ensure that we maximise the time staff spend supporting children with their learning.